Cheap Flights to Washington

If you are keen on American history or politics and would want to see iconic monuments and museums, Washington DC is the place to be.

What to See

Washington’s most iconic landmark is the White House. If you wish to visit, you have to apply well in advance. Non US citizens can should apply between six months and 21 days before their visit through the US consulate in their home country. However, you can also simply visit the White House Visitor Centre where you can find great displays about the building and wonderful views of the building from nearby spots.

Just outside the White House is an amazing area called the National Mall. Here, Washington’s other iconic monuments stand. The Lincoln Memorial, Abraham Lincoln’s grand statue and nearby columns looking out across the reflecting pool beneath is found here. Lincoln’s famous speeches are also housed here and the steps below was where Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ address was made.

The National Mall’s other prestigious monuments include Capitol, where Congress have met to write American law since 1800, and the Washington Monument and War Memorials honouring veterans from World War II and the Vietnam and Korean wars.

Great museums part of the Smithsonian Institution are located here. This includes: The National Air and Space Museum, National Gallery of Art, The National Museum of American History and The National Museum of Natural History.

To the south of the National Mall is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – hosting a collection of heartrending exhibits into the lives of victims, from ghettos to death camps.

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