Flights to San Juan

San Juan on the island of Puerto Rico is the third oldest European-established capital city in the Americas, founded in 1521. It has major benefits from being a territory but not a full part of America. So it has the same currency and you don’t need a passport but the island doesn’t feel like the mainland. Its visiting an exotic destination without the hassle of changing money or getting visas and permits.

There is a major difference between the island and the costal towns. Unlike the laid back costal towns in the mainland, San Juan has a vibrant nightlife great beaches and fun for both family as well as single travellers.

It’s a short flight from Miami so you aren’t tired and jet lagged when you arrive. Its not just a beach town with surf and music and seafood. It has jungles and caves for those seeking adventure off the beaten tracks. Puerto Rico offers years round affordable packages instead of hiking prices up in the winter so you don’t have to dig deeper for winter sun. The nightlife is great and you can catch some live music as well as dancing in the Santurce neighborhood. You can do as much or as little as you like in San Juan, just spend the days soaking up the sun or pit yourself against the waves with a surfboard Hike in the serpentine jungles of El Yunque or shop at the Calle del Cristo.

Spend the day in the beautiful old town being serenaded by Spanish songs and enjoying the food.

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