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Sacramento, capital of the U.S. state of California, not as popular as some of the other California cities with the glitz and glamour, its well worth visiting. It lies at the confluence of the Sacramento River and American River. It was built during the Gold rush and parts of it are still preserved in the Old Town. Which is a great slice of preserved history into the lives of ordinary men women as well the lives of the rich and successful at that time.

Sacramento has something for everyone. A town that offers as much, to a single traveller as to a family. For those interested in history and past eras the downtown area of capitol hill offer hours of discovery while those with young families to entertain will find plenty to do in the South.

Old Sacramento is a National Historic Landmark Districts with wooden paths and old shop fronts. The Riverview all along the path and the tourist shops make it well worth the visit.

Capitol park, In addition to being the state's seat of government, the Capitol building also houses a museum and Capitol Art Program that holds a collection of artistic depictions of California.

The California State Railroad Museum excites kids and adults. This museum hosts numerous restored trains, all with unique histories and interiors. Sutter’s Fort: John Sutter built his fortress to protect himself and his harvested crops. It’s a great example of a historical home and how rich people lived in those times.

Later he inadvertently started the gold rush when he commissioned another building and that became the place to pan gold.

The Crocker Art Museum is Sacramento must see for any fan of History and culture. The facility houses permanent collections of artwork from around the world.

Visitors with small children will want to put Fairytale Town on their to-do list. At this amusement park, children can act out their favorite fairytales on more than 25 fantastical oversized play sets. Also worth a visit is the Sacramento Zoo.

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