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Phoenix, The capital of Arizona and nicknamed the Valley of the Sun. you can figure out what is it famous for ….? Yes you got that right. It has at least 300 days of sunshine, clean dry air and is home to a lot of high-end spa resorts, golf courses. Even though most of Arizona is dry and desert type of climate you will find a lot of things to do in Phoenix that have to do with water like the salt river or the ski resorts 1 hr. drive outside Phoenix.

It also has Desert Botanical Garden, displaying cacti and numerous native plants. With year-round sunshine and mild winter weather, it's no surprise that Phoenix is a great place to spend the holidays. The resorts offering spas and treatments right from historical times when people came in to breath the clean air and sunshine.

Its not just Sunny in Phoenix, because of the river phoenix is blessed with the most precious commodity in the dry Arizona- Water. The Salt River is right there to cool down during hot days and the nearby lake Pleasant to enjoy a day in the water. The most popular activity in Phoenix is Spa and Golf, and why not there are so many high-end spas and treatments as well as world-class golfing courses available to enjoy.

Other than these you can also visit the Desert Botanical Garden. The Desert Botanical Garden is home to thousands of species of cacti, trees and flowers from all around the world.

Phoenix’s Camelback Mountain is not for the faint of heart as its incredibly steep but well worth the effort but offers incredible views.

The largest Municipal Park in phoenix the South Mountain Park and Preserve covers more than 16,500 acres and has more than 50 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails.

Taliesin West retreat at the base McDowell Mountains by Frank Wight Lloyd built by the help of his students is worth a going to. This National Historic Landmark is still used as an educational space for budding artists and architects.

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