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NOLA is a city like no other on the US mainland. Evoking and emulating the life of the older European cities there is none of the frenetic pace and the hurry typically found in large US cities. Its a city which invites you to stop and look appreciate and glance back and without even letting you know its makes its place in your heart and never lets go. Heavily influenced by the French and Spanish culture the city also dealt in Salves to work the rich plantations so the culture has a solid foundation of its African and Caribbean roots. It is often referred to as a “melting pot” of America. The blend of influences that contributed to its development over the years is still reflected in its cuisine, music, architecture, art and general attitudes and ways of life. There are probably a thousand reasons to visit New Orleans. It’s filled with friendly people, amazing food, awesome live music and memorable attractions. It is also a city know as for voodoo and the famous Marie Laveau, The voodoo queen of the 19th century. In fact the city holds ghost tours and after dark cemetery tours at the grave of this queen. Halloween is a special time in this city. New Orleans is rightfully known for its flavorful, spicy food, and one of the best things about springtime is the abundance of crawfish broils.

New Orleans attracts thousands of visitors for Mardi Gras which is a 2 week long celebration in the whole city a time for music and dance and merrymaking.

The historic buildings all across the city will catch the eyes of even the un-initiated. There have also been major efforts to preserve the integrity of many of the older buildings one of the most charming aspects of the city is that you can admire structures that have been around for hundreds of years and still in use today. Have a coffee in the French quarter and drinks in the Bourbon street (named after the kings of France and not the spirit). Spot a ghost in the ghost tour. Listen to music and eat the best crawfish.

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